Going Global Course

  • Four days
  • The intrinsic value of work
  • The strong integration of work and faith
  • The biblical call to global witness
  • The strategic nature of global professionals in the Great Commission
  • Building a team  
  • Connections with home churches
  • Managing culture shock for you and your family  
  • Contract negotiation points
  • Effective ministry through tools like CPM/DMM
  • Wisely and securely living as a guest in a host country

"This was the best training I’ve ever been too. Extremely relevant for preparing for the field."

Four Dimensional Language Learning

  • Five days
  • Self-directed language learning for all learning types
  • Communicative approach
  • Applicable in minority/unwritten languages
  • Patterned after child language acquisition

"It was encouraging each day to see how God used the training to grow my excitement...."

Disciple-Making Movements

Disciple-Making Movements

  • Five days
  • Learn Jesus’ approach to sending out missionaries
  • Identify People of Peace
  • Establish tools to quickly engage with interested people
  • Learn Discovery Bible Studies
  • Emphasize obedience-based discipleship that multiplies growth

"My torture in [the Middle East] was worth it because now I know Jesus." -- New believer


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