What if Great Commission obstacles simply went away?

Developing followers of Jesus for successful witness through integration of work and faith among the unreached.

Obstacles... Overcome

Restricted Access Nations

"...make disciples of all nations...."  -  Jesus

Governments might restrict traditional missionaries, but they don't restrict teachers, doctors, engineers, nurses, and work-at-home moms.

Money, Money, Money

The average missionary spends two years or more raising support. How quickly could they be a witness if that requirement simply went away...

...Through work.


Rather than going to great lengths to meet and connect with people, work provides that natural network--a fabric for witness through day to day relationship.

Professionals Global


Training Courses

Our training courses are the core of what we do. We train global professionals for successful witness among Unreached People Groups. We train language learners for excellence. We train in Disciple-Making Movements (Church-Planting Movements) for rapidly advancing witness no matter where you are.



We're about more than just getting you there. We want to keep you there. Ongoing mentoring helps you manage culture shock, keep language learning moving, and  start a movement of faithful followers of Jesus.



Our courses put a lot of information in front of you in a short amount of time. These resources will help you retain that material as a reference for the years ahead.

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Together we can make a difference

Your generous gift provides for our operating expenses and scholarships for course participants in need.

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